These book jackets were designed with several hand-made elements. The illustrations, titles, byline and background for the back text were all hand-made and scanned. I used Illustrator to improve and tweak the custom text. The backgrounds for each book jacket were created using Photoshop.

Each cover features imagery that goes with each play’s theme. Hamlet features a bottle of poison, Julius Caesar is a pillar held up by all of the wrongdoings featured in the play, and Macbeth features a witch hat that symbolizes the witches in the play.

Each color symbolizes themes in the plays. Red symbolizes blood for the violence in the Hamlet. Yellow symbolizes the uneasiness that comes with being betrayed by those close to you in Julius Caesar. Green symbolizes the greediness and jealousy in the story of Macbeth.
Below are the flat versions, with added white divider lines to indicate each section of the book jacket.
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