My work at Scandinavian Designs & Dania furniture consisted of many things, including product photography, composites, graphic design, social media management, and more. Here are some examples of work from my time with the company.
This fabric version is a finished composite, which boosted clicks on the email by 3%. I dropped in a new background, adjusted it to match the warmth, added in the side table, plant, and paintings. I also took the product photos of the paintings.
This is the original image where the leather couch needed to be replaced with a fabric one to showcase a new version we were selling. 
The version on the left is a composite with the leather version of a sofa we carried. Lifestyle images are much more likely to get noticed by customers in marketing material, and I helped create a number of them to increase traffic to our website. The art in both of these was also photographed by me for the ecommerce website.
I photographed a variety of products, many of which were art. This is an example of a piece I shot on our homepage. 
This is an Instagram ad we ran using my composite.
These are a series of event posters for a craft fair one of our stores in Illinois held.
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