This design is a rework of a final design project I created my first year of design school. The design is based around my favorite band, Passion Pit, and their two albums "Manners" and "Gossamer". Each piece of text is lines from each song off of the album that I chose because I liked them the most. The colors used in the background of each were pulled off the album covers. My original concept was a split down the middle, so I did them separately as well as together to pay homage to the original design, or my younger self. 
The creation of these new versions took two days start to finish. On day one, I began sketching new designs and gathered my files from my old project, and found out they were all ruined! Oh, what fun.
So, I didn't have a single work file that looked like my finished project, but thankfully I still had the PNG version. The second day I rewrote the copy, changing some lyrics and rethinking the formatting of the lyrics a little bit as well. I did type exploration, looking at type combinations and intuitively looking at what looked best. I created color palettes from each of the albums, and from there, custom gradients and shapes in Illustrator. I married it all in InDesign to layout everything how I liked. And from there, I put the designs into mockups.
Below is my original design, created in 2015. It doesn't quite capture all of the things I wanted it to, the text doesn't match the band, the colors aren't quite right, the custom text is a bit too much. But this design took me several hours, lots of research, and lots of Adobe crashes at the time. I am still very proud of my eighteen year old self for the amount of work I put into it.
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