Hello! My name is Chloe.
I have a background in publications, photography, digital design, and print design. I have experience doing page layout, UX/UI, product photography, photo retouching, compositing, and more. I see all of these skills as transferrable between each other, and lend themselves to many disciplines within design. 

I particularly love utilizing color and light in design and photography, as I think they are the most powerful elements in any design. I have a natural love for grids (or maybe it was my many years in yearbook and the thousand times I had to watch "Helvetica" — I even wrote a ten page paper on it in university; fun fact, its original name was Akzidenz Grotesk). Every image I compose or layout I design keeps these principles in mind and I strive to create imagery and designs that are well done and easy to read. 

When I'm not behind my screen, I enjoy going for walks overlooking an ocean or bay for the sunset, or rock climbing at climbing gyms across the bay. I also love making greeting cards for my loved ones and doing various forms of art like acrylic paint pours, tie dye, digital illustration, and wire wrapping minerals. 

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