I was commissioned by someone close to me to help create a logo and branding for a blog they want to start soon.

They are focusing on psychology, gaming, and culture, all through the lens of self-help. He has experience in the esports space and also is getting his Master's in Psychology soon, and eventually wants to get his Ph.D and do research and write academic articles and books. He wants to start a blog to exercise writing frequently and prepare for eventual Ph.D level writing.
To begin this process, I wrote down some words that translated visually, and the client also gave me some insight into their own visuals they’ve had. 

One of them was a set of stairs they see in their dreams, and the other was a new model they want to research and create in the psychology field that has rock, paper, and scissors as descriptors.
I did some sketches, and the two that the client liked most were these two.
So I combined them to create this sketch. He really liked it, so we moved forward with this design.
I then began the design digitally using Adobe Illustrator.

I made an equilateral triangle and then divided it as evenly as possible and used the pen tool to create the step shape the client described from his recurring dreams. I then added the front of the step and staggered the triangle pieces a bit to make it look more like steps.

Then, I made another equilateral triangle on the outside, and created the “rock” (circle), “paper” (square) and “scissors” (cross) to go on each end of the triangle. These symbols also translate to gaming, because most controllers feature some or all of these shapes.
After the initial design, I started looking for free for personal and commercial use typefaces. I found 3 that I really liked and that I felt would fit well with the imagery we created so far.

I began iterating typography together to see what would look best for the word mark.

Angled really felt like it went with the design very well, but I thought it was a little too much on its own, so I added Kano Regular to it as well to create some balance and match the thick/thin style of the logo mark. The bottom design in the right column stood out among the others, and the client agreed. The type in red is the text as a typeface, before being converted to outlines in Illustrator, so that I could retain the tracking of each word.
I added a triangle to be the apostrophe by tracing the triangle shapes from the typeface Angled. With the typeface chosen and the logo mark made, this was the final two logos decided on. One that would read well horizontally and one that is almost square in shape.
Then, I started to think of colors. The psychological model the client wants to create also involves the colors red, green, and blue, so with that in mind I started creating color palettes that incorporated them but with a more modern, contemporary twist.
I began implementing the colors in various ways to see how they looked, which resulted in many variations of the logo to test the colors. 
We decided to use a navy blue as our “black” color, and the magenta, green, and lighter blue as the colors for each symbol. We also included lighter versions of some colors in our final palettes to allow for flexibility in website designs and higher contrast as well.
After finalizing color choices, we decided on the final logos to be used. 

I also created a custom pattern to be used in banners for social media or on the website, and can also be used for social media posts to promote blog posts. It features each shape twice and a shadow using our navy color. It is inspired by many contemporary patterns that take inspiration from 90s style prints.
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